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Susana Aikin

Author of award winning historical fiction book We Shall See the Sky Sparkling, and new women's fiction novels Weight of the Heart  and Nadine, and more

Winner of the 
American Fiction Award for Best Historical Fiction, 2019


Susana Aikin's Latest Releases

Set in contemporary Spain, Susana Aikin’s latest novel is a colorful, beautifully written examination of memory, romance, and the intricacies of family duty.
"....a beautifully written novel that captures the love and loss that haunts sisters...."
~ Booklist
"....expertly plotted and rife with historical details making for a rich story of the prejudices women faced at the turn of the 20th century and how the class disparity in Russia ignited the flame of revolution."
~ Publishers Weekly
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"....In Nadine, Aikin beautifully narrates a frustrated poet's discovery of a deep family secret."
~ Melissa Burch, Author of "Yearning for Magic"
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I Called Him Mozart, a love story between a woman and a cat during the pandemic, included in OUR MAGICAL PANDEMIC anthology.

"A heart warming comfort of Mozart..."
~ Amazon Reviewer

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